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Premier Property Management is a Saint Lucia-based property management company that offers bench marked bespoke property management services largely to second-home, villa and absentee home owners.

We provide complete and comprehensive management services for both owners and renters throughout St. Lucia. We offer a variety of properties as well as property management and rental services.

  • Personalized Full Service Management
  • Experts in Everything Property Management
  • Eyes and Ears for your Most Valuable Asset
  • Maintenance Requests Taken 24 / 7
  • Lease Presentations
  • Sales

Our primary objective at Premier Property Management is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction that is achievable. Timely, efficient and hospitable service leading to maximum client satisfaction and comfort are our main goals.

If you have a property in St. Lucia you would like professionally managed whether it is a single family home, condo or apartment complex call us at 1-758-720-6785 for a free consultation.

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